A huge variety of input devices and displays exist in the field of VR. The approach chosen with the inVRs framework intends to support as many of these devices as possible. Thus the interfaces augment existing low-level device drivers as well as high-level libraries in order to provide a standardised abstraction to the components of the framework.

Two categories of interfaces are available in the inVRs framework. The input interface takes care of diverse VR and desktop input devices. The data generated from these devices, parsed and exposed by the device drivers, is either accessed directly on the driver level or it is additionally
processed by an external input library and later on converted into an internal device representation by the input interface. This post-processed data is provided to the modules and the system core.

The output interface generates output for a scene graph abstraction layer which can be connected to so far to OpenSG to generate stereoscopic images on VR graphics hardware. Support for OpenSceneGraph is currently under developement. Other output devices like audio systems can be accessed in the near future with the use of the output interface as well.