Past News and Events

10.08.09 - New inVRs version 1.0alpha4 released (see inVRsInstallation section):
  • Updated configuration mechanisms
  • The manual for configuring inVRs applications (see inVRsDocumentation section)
  • Support for VRPN devices

26.06.09 - The manual for the inVRsToolsAvatara package is available now.

It documents the creation and export of the Avatars with the modeling tools Blender, 3D Studio Max and Maya. The usage of the API for OpenGL, OpenSG and inVRs is described. You can download Avatara and the manual in the inVRsInstallation section.

10.06.09 - New inVRs version 1.0alpha3 released (see inVRsInstallation section):

05.06.09 - The [[inVRsToolsAvatara" Avatara] package has been added for download under [wiki"inVRsInstallation]].

With Avatara it is possible to use fully articulated avatars in your inVRs, OpenSG or OpenGL applications. Thanks to Helmut and Martin Garstenauer for their code contribution and the initial Blender export as well as Marlene Hochrieser for the export support for 3D Studio Max and Maya.

26.05.09 - inVRs finally has a logo :) thanks a lot to Alexander Wilhelm of The Visioneers

18.05.09 - Official inVRs web page up and running

22.04.09 - 26.04.09 - The Space Trash application, which has been developed with inVRs is presented at the Laval Virtual Exhibition in Laval, France.

10.04.09 - New version 1.0alpha2 released (see inVRsInstallation section):

26.03.09 - MacOSX Version Release

15.03.09 - inVRs Tutorial at IEEE VR 2009, Lafayette, LA, USA

All relevant course material, besides the actual framework can be found [[tutorialsinVRsMedievalTown" here] For installing inVRs please have a look at the preliminary distribution and the installation instructions which can be found [wiki"inVRsInstallation]].

27.02.09 - inVRs Tutorial at the LRZ Garching, Munich, Germany (Announcement)

The presented course material can be found tutorialsinVRsMedievalTown. Additional slides will be provided online soon.

06.02.09 - Code Cleanup at GUP, T627, JKU, Linz, Austria

To finally release the source of the framework the code contributions have been cleaned up and reformatted by Philipp Aumayr, Clemens Birklbauer, Roland Hackl, Marlene Hochrieser, Roland Hopferwieser, Roland Landertshamer, Marina Lenger and Johannes Zarl. Thanks for all your work !!!