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check oops ode-0.11.1 compatibility

Added by sam g over 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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check whether the oops library and the 3DPhysics module work with the current ode-release: ode-0.11.1

relevant changes among other things is that the used "ode/src/joint.h" moved to "ode/src/joints/joint.h"


#1 Updated by sam g about 9 years ago


Although you can manage to change the code (at least oops), to compile with OpenSG2 and ode-0.11, there is the general problem under windows that you won't be able to link it (assume to be the same in the original 0.8 version), because the types used by the custom joints don't have a public api.

background information:

oops creates new two custom joints: dxJointSpring und dxJointSingleAxisRotate. However the public api / headers doesn't include the required files to create new custom joints. Therefore you need the source code of ode to be able to compile these joints. Although this works under UNIX systems, it won't work under windows, because the hidden private types don't have a public interface (__declspec(export)), from that the linker can't find them.

From my point of view there is no quick solution to work around this problem.

One possible way could be to add ode as an external library and manipulate it by adding the new joint types instead of hacking them into the library via oops.

any ideas?

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