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03:18 PM inVRs Refactor #54 (New): Refactor SystemCore to be Scenegraph Independent
in the current implementation the SystemCore depends on OpenSG as for example the threading is implemented using Open...


07:03 PM inVRs Bug #37: check oops ode-0.11.1 compatibility
Although you can manage to change the code (at least oops), to compile with OpenSG2 and ode-0.11, there i...
09:11 AM inVRs Bug #49: EventPipe initialization & PreloadModules
General question, why do I need a special treatment for preloaded dll under windows at all?
09:09 AM inVRs Bug #50: Interaction: reset environment scale
the problem is that the interaction itself doesn't care about entities, it just pushes the transformation in a pipe a...


10:35 AM inVRs Bug #44 (Closed): XMLDocument doesn't store CDATA in content
already done in r2200 in osg branch
10:32 AM inVRs Feature #25 (Closed): improve printd logging
10:31 AM inVRs Feature #21 (Closed): minThreshold in OrientationDualAxisModel
10:30 AM inVRs Feature #21: minThreshold in OrientationDualAxisModel
done r2240
new parameter:
* minThresholdX
* minThresholdY
* minThreshold = shortcut for X and Y
10:28 AM inVRs Revision 2240: cleanup + #21


04:28 PM inVRs Bug #27: user name is not setable
up to now the userdatabase.xml contains as far as I know only data which are specific for the local user, as the data...

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