Tutorial 1 - Medieval Town


The presented tutorial illustrates a set of key concepts of the inVRs framework and demonstrates easy and consistent application development. The focus is set on fast application prototyping by using the already existing modules and the system core. Writing individual components or enhancing already available components requires a deeper insight in the framework and is therefore consequentially left out.

During the different stages of the course XML configuration data has to be altered and own C++ code has to be developed. Initially an overview on the provided concepts is presented and the terminology used in the framework is introduced. The following six sections of the tutorial demonstrate to the participants how an interactive NVE can be configured and created using the inVRs framework. Finally own application logic is integrated which illustrates the flexibility of the provided software.

After finishing the tutorial the participants should be able to navigate through a shared virtual world representing a medieval town, they can move objects in this town and are able to trigger animations.

Aspects Covered

  • inVRs Architecture
  • Adding inVRs Components
  • Navigation and Skybox
  • Transformation Management
  • Interaction
  • Network Communication
  • Developing own Application Logic

Course Material

  • Manual inVRs_tutorial_1_medieval_town.pdf
    The course material contains a 64 page manual, which can be used to get an insight in basic programming with inVRs. The manual can be used as a later reference for a presented version of the tutorial or to perform the tutorial at home.
  • Source MedievalTown.tar.gz
    The source code, 3d models and configuration data which are needed for this tutorial can be downloaded as .tar.gz file MedievalTown.tar.gz or as .zip file MedievalTown.zip. Additionally an installation of the latest inVRs framework is required. Instructions for downloading and installing the inVRs package can be found here.


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