25.04.11 OpenSceneGraph support and additional libraries

Added by Christoph Anthes about 13 years ago

  • The current checkout version of inVRs framework now supports a second scene graph - OpenSceneGraph. This makes the use of a fair set of additional features possible. Thanks a lot to Samuel Gratzl for porting inVRs to OpenSceneGraph.
  • The ufo library develeopd by Johannes Zarl is available for the inVRs framework. This library allows the design and usage of flocking and steering algorimthms. A documentaion can be found here.
  • An additional module for Free Form Deformation developed by Marlene Hochrieser can be found here.
  • An example project developed by Thomas Hribernig during the Mixed Reality Systems course SS 2010 at the JKU Linz can be found here. The application allows to arbitrary arrange pictures taken from a camera or a mobile phone in a CAVE or other immersive environment.
  • The inVRs editor, developed by Georg Wöss, is available in a preliminary version in the repository.