Refactor #39

Move convenience functions from XMLTools to UtilityFunctions

Added by Johannes Zarl-Zierl over 9 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:11/05/2010
Priority:LowDue date:
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In XMLTools there are several functions that are not really xml-specific:
  • fileExists(const std:string &file)
  • convert(std::string &src,bool &dest)
  • convert(const char *src, bool &dest)
  • stringEqualsAny(std::string &str)

Is there any reason not to move these functions to UtilityFunctions.h?
Would it make sense to make all of these functions inline?

On another note I think it would make sense to reimplement the convert and stringEqualsAny using a stringToLower function and a simple comparison...

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