Johannes Zarl-Zierl

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  • inVRs (Developer, Administrator, 06/22/2010)


Reported issues: 19


02:12 PM inVRs Revision 2662: Fix namespace issue with #ifdefs


01:43 PM inVRs Revision 2644: Update dependencies.


04:48 PM inVRs Revision 2641: Review existing C++11 requirements.
- Add platformtest for std::shared_ptr
- Disabled unusable C++11 implementations
(gcc 4.3 with -std=c++0x support...
04:45 PM inVRs Revision 2640: Push required cmake version to 3.1.
04:43 PM inVRs Revision 2639: configSummary: better verbosity-control


03:19 PM inVRs Revision 2638: Use a better way to ensure a C++11 compiler.
02:42 PM inVRs Revision 2637: tutorials: enable C++11 compiler.


05:18 PM inVRs Refactor #58 (Resolved): inVRs uses std::auto_ptr in several places
Applied in changeset r2634.
04:42 PM inVRs Revision 2634: Use std::unique_ptr instead of std::auto_ptr.
This silences deprecation warnings in "newer" compilers. For now, a fallback
has been implemented to use auto_ptr wh...
02:39 PM inVRs Refactor #58 (Resolved): inVRs uses std::auto_ptr in several places
Occurrences of std::auto_ptr should be replaced with C++11 smart pointers where available.

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