Tutorial 4 - Developing VR Applications with inVRs


The tutorial was held at the IEEE VR 2010, Waltham, MA on Saturday March 20th (morning). To improve the development process of Virtual Environments and Networked Virtual Environments the inVRs (interactive networked Virtual Reality system) application framework provides a clearly structured approach for the design of highly interactive and responsive NVEs. It consists of three independent modules, one for interaction, one for navigation, and one for network communication, two interface layers to support a variety of output and input devices, and a system core which stores and manages the state of the VE.

This half-day tutorial will present the concepts of the framework, basic application development of an interactive NVE and advanced features like the inclusion of own input devices, the support of multi-display systems, and the use of articulated avatars in combination with tracking systems. Finally, an outlook on additional available inVRs and OpenSG tools is given.

Aspects Covered

  • inVRs Architecture
  • Adding inVRs Components
  • Navigation and Skybox
  • Transformation Management
  • Interaction
  • Network Communication
  • Developing own Application Logic
  • Wrapping Functionality
  • Using Stereoscopic Multi-Display Installations
  • Input Devices
  • Tracking and Avatars
  • Coordinate Systems

Course Material

  • Manual: inVRs_tutorial_4_IEEE_VR2010_tutorial.pdf.pdf

    The course material contains a 114 page manual which can be used to get an insight in basic programming with inVRs as well as connecting inVRs to existing VR installations. The manual can be used as a later reference for a presented version of the tutorial or to perform the tutorial at home.

  • inVRsInstallation

    For building the tutorial applications an installation of the latest inVRs version is required. The source package or prebuilt package for Windows Visual Studio 2005 (as well as the installation instruction document for the source package) can be downloaded inVRsInstallation.

  • Tutorial Sources: vr10inVRs_tutorial_FIXED.zip

    The source code, 3d models and configuration data which are needed for this tutorial can be downloaded as zip file.

  • Slides

    The three slidesets for the presentation can be downloaded here:


inVRs_tutorial_4_IEEE_VR2010_tutorial.pdf.pdf (15.1 MB) Christoph Anthes, 06/23/2010 12:47 PM

inVRs_developing_vr_applications_with_the_invrs_framework_1_introduction_slides.ppt (7.15 MB) Christoph Anthes, 06/23/2010 12:52 PM

inVRs_developing_vr_applications_with_the_invrs_framework_2_medieval_town_slides.ppt (9.58 MB) Christoph Anthes, 06/23/2010 12:52 PM

inVRs_developing_vr_applications_with_the_invrs_framework_3_going_immersive_slides.ppt (5.11 MB) Christoph Anthes, 06/23/2010 12:52 PM

vr10inVRs_tutorial_FIXED.zip (15 MB) Christoph Anthes, 08/03/2010 03:15 PM