Tutorial 2 - Going Immersive


This tutorial is designed to give an introduction into the slightly advanced features of the inVRs framework. The various setup mechanisms of the previous tutorial are wrapped into functions, which make it much more straight forward to use inVRs.

The use of VR hardware focusing on stereoscopic multi-display installations and tracking systems is explained in depth. In order to create your own input from arbitrary input devices an introduction into that aspect is given. Considering NVEs it is often important to represent the remote user properly. This aspect is covered with an additional explanation of the needed coordinate systems.

After finishing the tutorial the participants are able to create their own input interfaces for specific devices and can develop networked VEs rendered on multi-display systems having an appropriate user representation.

Aspects Covered

  • Wrapping Functionality
  • Using Stereoscopic Multi-Display Installations
  • Input Devices
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Tracking and Avatars


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