Mixed Reality Systems Lecture @ JKU, Linz


This document collection contains examples from the lecture Mixed Reality Systems, which was taught at the JKU in Summer Semester 2010. The code of these examples was provided by Georg Stevenson and Samuel Gratzl. These examples are to be used with an inVRs/OpenSG2 build under a Windows environment.

  • Augmented Reality
    • Combining OpenSG2 with ARToolKit
  • Interaction and Collaboration
    • Combining inVRs with ARToolKit
    • Developing new interaction techniques
    • Configuring collaborative interaction


MRS-Lab-Augmented_Reality.zip (554 KB) Christoph Anthes, 08/04/2010 07:47 PM

MRS-Lab-Interaction_and_Collaboration.zip (13.1 MB) Christoph Anthes, 08/04/2010 07:48 PM

MRS-LAB-04-Augmented_Reality.ppt (3.39 MB) Christoph Anthes, 08/04/2010 07:50 PM

MRS-LAB-05-Interaction_and_Collaboration.ppt (3.2 MB) Christoph Anthes, 08/04/2010 07:50 PM